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At MCCA, we strive to center everything we do around God’s Word. This includes our curriculum. As we teach our students in every subject matter, we infiltrate God’s Word as it’s an opportunity to share with them from a Biblical Worldview. The curriculum we use allows us to challenge our students academically while sharing God’s Word and to help our students think Biblically. 

MCCA uses Abeka curriculum from PreSchool through 12th grade. We use Saxon Math in grades 5 through 12 as we feel Saxon has a strong Math curriculum. We believe the Abeka curriculum is strong academically and challenges our students to be best prepared for their futures. We also believe the Abeka curriculum challenges our students spiritually. At any time, in any class, a teacher can use God’s Word to make practical applications with what is being taught, which can direct our students toward Christ.

Please click the link below to see Abeka’s Mission, Objectives, and Outcomes.